POETRY  by Juliette Terrell




from A Multitude of Questions, page 10
(With drawings by author)
ISBN 0-9674900-3-0
Petaluma, 1999

  Cover: A Multitude of Questions

I am unfolding like the wings of a baby bird
unfolding, like eager hands ready to unleash a hidden message
on a crumbled piece of paper
Unfolding, like a budding rose
a floating embryo expanding in its mother’s womb
(my heart quivers)

In a distance
I hear a voice calling my name
like a whisper
it penetrates my ears
             energizes my soul
                                               jump starts my creativity
                             turns my dreams into reality
                                             causing truth to surface
and when I look around
fear is no longer a present force in my life

And then suddenly
I quiet
like the gentle wave of a rushing river
I relax
like a bear in hibernation
and with eager anticipation
surrounded by much tranquility
I patiently unfold


© Juliette Terrell, 1999




80-pound cover with white opaque paper. A variation on template C-6; cover illustration by author.

36 pages


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