POETRY  Christopher Scott Baldwin



Yellow Monsters and Star Cookies

From Lemon Land, page 28
ISBN: 978-1-931002-76-9
Petaluma 2008

Friends by a campfire, nothing compares
Nothing can beat the heat of lemon fire
Especially roasting your favorite éclairs
Tired from hiking all day in the woods
Resting your weary muscles for awhile

Some buddies of ours made a glorious find
In the fields they discovered some five-pointed stars
That must of fallen from the blackberry sky
Slipped out of harnesses, out of their ropes
They’re small and transportable, tasty as tarts

At the end of a golden tree stick so they’re stabbed
And hovered over the hot lemony flame
So crispy and crunchy like cookies we snack
On a stack of a cluster of stars on a plate
Hot to the hand, yet to tongue sugarcane

Let’s tell some old stories of goblins and teeth
And duck underneath our blankets with fear
When a sudden tremor of a tall golden tree
Makes us think a yellow monster is close
To pounce on our heads and eat our ears

Let’s talk until lemon fire goes to sleep
Let’s watch all the five-pointed stars as they soar
Count them until at one hundred and three
Like a clock on the head from a monster we’re out
Burping up small yellow Zs as we snore



Lemon Land cover



This chapbook has a laser color cover with 60-pound white opaque text paper. Click on the image above to enlarge cover.

40 pages



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