POETRY  Michael Farinacci



Missed Opportunity

from Unwanted Visions, page 1
Petaluma, 2005

She walked through the fog
as a shadow
a three dimensional silhouette
right before my eyes,
as she appeared on the edge
of the misty curtain
a moonbeam danced through her hair,
long and flowing,
gently resting on her shoulder
a streetlamp her spotlight
in the cool damp night,
as she drew near
a smile crossed her face,
her eyes twinkled
and invited me in
lost in thought, I stumbled
and tripped on a word,
she disappeared
just as she entered my life.


© Michael Farinacci, 2005


Unwanted Visions: Poems by Michael Farinacci

Michael Farinnaci

Unwanted Visions is printed on 60-pound, white linen text paper with a basic gray cover. Click on icon to enlarge cover.

28 pages


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