FICTION  by Derek Henkel




Excerpt from Chapped, the condensed version
of an online novel, Dirty Red Kiss.
ISBN 0-931002-23-1
Petaluma, 2002

  Cover: Chapped (lipstick imprint under title)

During the past year I was fortunate enough to meet a mirror. Her name is E, and I met her at a dance club near the water on a Saturday night. My friend thought that this was an excellent place for people to meet. He stayed in the room that had the live band playing oldies and top forty songs. It was bright and the people danced kind of reserved. I left him and went to the DJ dance floor. It was darker and the people danced however they pleased.

I took a seat on a speaker and watched the crowd. I could feel the volume of the bass and it seemed to me the flares of my trousers were flapping with every beat.

A slim attractive brown woman in a skin-tight black dress motioned for me to join her on the floor so I did. She smiled and swayed. She couldn’t really move too much due to the fact that her dress was so tight. After awhile it was clear she was there with friends and she nodded toward a small pack of white women standing on the outer edge of the dance floor.

She pointed to the prettiest of them telling me to go ask her to dance. I walked over to the prettiest one, took her by the hand, and pulled her onto the floor. At first she seemed stunned with my approach, but I said her friend told me to bring her out and dance. She smiled and began dancing.

She mostly moved her shoulders and her feet a little and bobbed her head. After a few songs I thanked her and went and sat back down on the speaker. I continued to watch her dance and noted the herky-jerky way she moved. She had an angelic face and the most intense eyes.

I started watching the other people and lost track of the prettiest one for awhile until the dream state I was in broke by her grabbing my hand and dragging me onto the dance floor. She held me very, very, close and it felt fantastic. After a few songs she pulled away and she faded into the crowd. I sat again on the speaker. I was pleasure dizzy and could hardly think.

© 2002, Derek Henkel


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16 pages


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