POETRY  by Eric Hoffman



The Carry (2003)

from Of Love and Water, pages 11-12
Petaluma, 2008
ISBN: 978-1-931002-75-2



Where rivers turn
Water quickens

They should run swift to the sea

The heart, shark-like
Remains in motion

We seek those turns
Those hidden tributaries

Where waters flow
Into other waters


Rivers, when young
Have few confluences

They flow quickly
Their channels erode

Slender and deep
They age, they slow

And, fed by many
Streams, grow

Shallow and wide
Old take less haste

Wide flood plains
Surround them, arms immense


In your course
All sources return

You have restored
That endless force

The ancient vistas
Of primitive rivers

Enduring despite
Ceaseless motion


© Eric Hoffman 2008

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