POETRY  by Pamela Laskin




from Till Death Do Us Part, page 9
Petaluma, 2000

  Oover: Till Death Do Us Part

To Abe & Addie

I like the homes
that have been around
dozens of years
that smell of burnt wood
and toasted marshmallows,
where the oak floors have dents
from too many toddlers in the kitchen
ones who have stained the walls
and played vigorously;
the fireplace
is stained
from years of glowing for friends
who sat around drinking beer, eating chips,
talking through the night,
and trees that took a hundred years to grow
are happy, naked or dressed.

© Pamela Laskin, 2000


414 5th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215

A basic chapbook (template C6) with cover printed on ivory index and insides on opaque white paper.

20 pages


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