POETRY  by Page Nelson-Saginor




from Stern Ornaments, page 1
Hetaira Press, Boston, 2003
ISBN 1-931002-28-2

  cover: Stern Ornaments

And so, beneath the grim headlines of crime or crash,
they gaze out from the family contributed pics (offerings)
as if they would speak and were stopped when they would explain
how all the weight of things — the cars, houses, papers,
weren’t enough to keep them ballasted, upright upon this spinning globe,
how all the ties that bind — the parents, children, lovers, pets
could not so attach them as to prevent this separation;
how, the point of their outward looking expressions, your own life
that contains the sky and horizons, this moment’s length of hope and history,
can, in an eye blink, become something that in a week’s time
is ashes, bones and other people’s memories.
You know, yellow newspapers, boxes of old photos.

© Page Nelson-Saginor, 2003


Contact: pnelson@gsd.harvard.edu

The cover for Stern Ornaments is 80-pound Via Terracotta (smooth finish). Text pages are printed on 60-pound cream linen with a translucent flysheet.

36 pages

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