POETRY  by Kim O’Donnel



Love’s Knotty News

from Search Party, page 5
Petaluma, 2004


Why do you love me?
the woman asked the man.
They lay entangled
a naked knot
without covers
at three in the morning.
Silence filled
the steam of their sweat
the smell of their sex.
She turned away
from their embrace
arms folding into her chest
for protection against
the cool wind
coming through the crack of the window
but their feet
stayed like twine
bonded to one another
She closed her eyes
waiting for an answer
but expecting none
as had been his custom
for all their years
You are my light
he said.
You are my star,
you are so strong,
you are a rare beauty.
you are are right,
she said.
But I am not
your wife.
he said.
But you are my heart.
They slept like kittens
and when the next day
the skies would still be cloudy.

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