POETRY  by Greg B. Seitz



The Void

from Into the Void: 23 Poems
ISBN 1-931002-19-3
Petaluma, 2002

  Cover: Into the Void

The universe is a cold dead soldier
All the stars are burned out and the planets are dead
Even the Immortals have died without energy to sustain
And god no longer exists because there are no faithful
The cold cruel empty void is all that is or isn’t
And everlasting life is as dead as a metal planet
And the fantasies of the spiritual are no longer
And the fifth dimension turned out to be wrong
Everything we thought we had we really didn’t
All evidence of life is a cold dusty zero
That’s the final evidence the only truth
A cruel nature without boundaries
An infinite dark hole of nothingness


© 2002, Greg B. Seitz


(Note underscores:

Into the Void is a basic chapbook with grey index , laser printed cover and opaque white text pages. Click on image above to enlarge the cover.

28 pages


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