POETRY  by Frank Sheehan



Late Night Writing

from Salvation, page 1
Petaluma, 2007


Late night writing drifts
entangling early AM hours
elbows wrapped in various ways
retro ludicrous exasperation
Aspirin swallowed with a cup of coffee
to ease the meditative trance
It’s all worth it when serendipity strikes
like that carried by THE BEATS
Covering all the angles
the enigma of the surreal
comes out after 12 midnight
like riding the Metro into Manhattan
The gears of the City clanking
forwards transverse the
bus stops of the smelly
stinky realizations of life

Colors of the fuchsia makes me blind

© Frank Sheehan, 2007


  Salvation cover

(516) 941-8959
PO Box 1029
Bethpage, NY 11714

The cover is printed on basic green index paper; text on white opaque paper with translucent flysheet.

40 pages.


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