POETRY  by Frank Sheehan



The Wanderer

from Wanderers, page 1
Petaluma, 1999


The psychology of wandering
A compulsion to get away
bound with optimism
Not from being dysfunctional
at home but inquisitiveness.

The existential romanticism of wandering
Feeding off exasperation and rancor
To become rootless, free
A prepubescent proving of masculinity
Beyond the proverbial bend.

A curiosity, a joy, a belief
that heaven is on earth
The origin of existence is
movement. The earth revolves
within a galaxy that wanders.


© Frank Sheehan, 2000


  Cover: Wanderers

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PO Box 1029
Bethpage, NY 11714

The cover is offset printed on 80-pound Bluesstone linen; text on white opaque paper with translucent flysheet.

40 pages.


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