POETRY  by Lee Linc Stallings



South End Memories:
(A Tribute to Lincoln Park)

from The Stuff Inside, page 2
Petaluma, 2007


I used to sit in Lincoln Park
To watch the clouds dance and play in the sky
And listen to the wind sing me a lullabye.
I could see your face in the sun even then
Burn brightly like a slow fire time and again.

I used to float on moonbeams in Lincoln Park
On long, summer nights in throws of sweet liberty
And the stars would smile down with such dignity.
The sweet smell of your perfume filled the air
And loomed softly like words to a prayer.

Time has passed since I last visited Lincoln Park,
I’ve heard the stories of its decline and fall
From the many voices that frequently call.
Though I still have fond memories of those days,
Some have burned away in the haze.


© Lee Linc Stallings, 2007


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