POETRY  by Fred Thaballa



City of El Angel

Extract from poem in So Far So Good, page 50
Petaluma, 2007
ISBN 978-1-931002-62-2


is it ever green here in the great washout
overlooking the swimming pools of the super
rich from the air look like turquoise necklace
on summits over suburbs real water is much
darker clearcut shapes where farming is allowed
waste where airstrips swoop to underground
testsights far away from uniformly packaged
cities pay no mind about it our shadow over
burn area some one fucking down there right
now we have the land when lovers fail when
parents die we have the sea when the invisible
remains inaudible when prayers are not
answered when cries not heard we have the sea
we can hear the water we can feel the earth

in the end life itself becomes poetry the figure
of a leaping animal comes off the printed page
no outcast art or unappreciated observer we
are all poets of some persuasion our lives in a
universe of never fathomed embracement are
moments of pure poetry there is nothing to look
for when you have found it we go for the cash
and travel like hard metal manmade objects
that fall without regard for life the catchall is no
problem running interference hummers come
and go birds do it we don’t — even cotton head is
in a rotten mood does laundry nowhere to turn
but inward or pheasant hunting mister
woodchuck crosses the gravel road tar sticking
to his funny fur the sand pit coal mine pool
brings us around as seven blue angels overhead
float while boys dive curling from the rope they
swing from bury it the girls under the maple cry
father son & holy ghost say the boys in the
flicking aspen tree I aim towards


So Far So Good cover


This is a perfect-bound book with white 10 point C1S digital color cover, gloss coated on one side, and 60-lb. white Cascade offset text paper. Click on the image above to enlarge cover. For information on perfect-bound books, click here.

64 pages


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