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Books in Print (Chronological)

Books are listed below by year of publication, and then alphabetically. To search for a particular author or title, use your browser’s page search feature under the Edit menu (control-F on Windows; command-F on Mac platform).

This is a partial listing. Not all authors want their work posted, but anyone who publishes via WordRunner Chapbooks may have a FREE WEBPAGE.

Click on the author’s name for sample poem or prose excerpt and cover illustration. Books may be purchased directly from the authors.

By Year

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Jesse Millner, The Bus Driver’s Book of the Dead

Eileen Rose Puppo, What Anger Saves

Frank Sheehan, The Poet’s Notebook

Martin Wasserman, The Poet Rilke Sends Some Zen Telegraphs


Marko Fong, The I-Story

Martin Wasserman, Unamuno’s Poetic Sensibility


Clare Ramsaran, Aftershocks

Sandy Warren, Monday Mornin’ Love: Collected Musings

Martin Wasserman, The Confucian Wisdom of Franz Kafka


Stephen Bess, Liquid Lunch

Rod Phillips, The Ledge and Other Poems

Dean Powers, Time Trials

Vivian Sihshu Yenika, Sharing Space (reprint)

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Christopher Scott Baldwin, Lemon Land

Eric Hoffman, Of Love and Water

Marilyn Klinkner, Fog on the Clock

Linda Lancione Moyer, 2% Organic

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Xavier F. Aguilar, Between Places

Christopher Scott Baldwin, The Carnival (perfect bound)

Christopher Scott Baldwin, A Visit to Flower City (perfect bound)

Hathaway Barry, Home (perfect bound)

Michael Cavendish, Harpoon

Marcia Fairbanks, Walking on Whales

Joan Fitzgerald, The Sweet Life

No-Name Writer’s Convivium, Closet Spaces

Penhouse Ink, Vol. 5 (Alexandra Ellen Appel and other contributors) The Importance of Water and Ash

Frank Sheehan, Salvation

Lee Linc Stallings, The Stuff Inside

B. J. Stolbov, Walks: Best Poems (perfect bound)

Fred Thaballa, So Far So Good (perfect bound)

Marguerite Wolf, Isn't Pushing Ninety Exercise Enough?

Vivian Sihshu Yenika, Sharing Space


Xavier F. Aguilar, Gathering Poets

Keith English, Diary of a Gospel Poet

Romana E. Frey, In Our Own Words

judi goldberg, leslie hoffman and Dixie Lewis (with other contributors)
Refractions, PenHouseInk, Vol. 4

Ellen Hart, Behind the Fog (perfect bound)

Eric Hoffman, Threnody

Hank Mattimore, Life’s a Growin’ Thing: Ya Grows or Ya Dies (perfect bound)

Robert Maynard, Funk and Other Feelings

Eric Walter, Bee Gods and Mad Kings

Phil Woods, Poems for the Prophet


Shilpa Arora, Tender Fissures

Andrew Aulino, Claw Mathematics

Peter Baroth, Ski Oklahoma

Laura Beausoleil, In the Company of Birds

Troy Casa, the stark realities that surround Texas

Frank de Caro, Ballad Girls and Other Poems

Tom Fallon, In the First Place

Michael Farinacci, Unwanted Visions

The Fourth Street Writers, Nearly Naked

Ed Krizek, In Memory of Virginia Ruth Cook Krizek

James Heller Levinson and Anthony Seidman, See-saw

Hank Mattimore, Legacy of the Heart: Writing Your Own Spiritual Will

Matthew McGrath, Gloss

Robert J. Nolan, Through Self’s Veneer

Eileen Rose Puppo, Seven Sins


Xavier F. Aguilar, Poetic Moods

Dee Doyle, judi goldberg, leslie hoffman,
Ingrid Kincaid and Dixie Lewis (with other contributors)
Remembering Our Future, PenHouseInk, Vol. 3

Christopher Ketcham, Notes from September 11

Bill Mason, Variety Pack: Selected Poems

Gloria North, The Long Ritard

Kim O’Donnel, Search Party

Dianna Wilder, America Under Attack


Linda Bielowski, Spirit Echoes

Connie Carmichael, Driving to Wellsville

Dee Doyle, judi goldberg, leslie hoffman,
Ingrid Kincaid and Dixie Lewis (with other contributors)
June Bugs Out of Season, PenHouseInk, Vol. 2

Ed Krizek, Threshold (reprint)

Keith Moore, What They Mean by America
(and Other Poems)

Page Nelson, Stern Ornaments

Andrea Trapp, Red Wall with an Attitude


Derek Henkel, Chapped

Ed Krizek, Threshold

Keith Moore, Big Bruce Baddley

Kenneth Parme, Ancient Voyager on the Ocean

Joseph Powell, Blood on the Page

Greg B. Seitz, Into the Void: 23 Poems


Vivian Anderson, Keeper of Memory 2001

Katarina Canyon, Fragmented Heart

Dee Doyle, judi goldberg, Ingrid Kincaid and Dixie Lewis
Naked Writings, PenHouseInk, Vol. 1, No. 1

Edwin Drummond, The Chrysalis

Elliott Freed, Falling Poems

Raquel Gilford, Mental Manipulation of an Urban Poet

Veronica Irwin, She Doesn’t Mind the Rain

Ronald Jones, Twelve Love Poems

Arlene L. Mandell, Variations on a Theme

Rod Phillips, Bullheading on the Looking Glass

Michael R. Promes, Only the Wind May Speak

Jo-Anne H. Rosen, Each After Its Kind

Judith Shook, Reborn of the Earth

Michael Waterson, The Book of Kith & Kin


Peter Baroth, Mounds of Sounds

Peter Baroth, Sesssions

Mark W. Fisher and Charles Hood,
Passenger Traveller

Ellen Hart, Miles to Go

Bessa Kautz, Untitled

Pamela Laskin, Till Death Do Us Part

Pamela Laskin, Trick or Treat

James Heller Levinson, Alameda Street

Page Nelson-Saginor, Case Studies

Michael T. Scott, Enigma

Ray Willens, Worlds Apart


Gertrude Crocker, Tales of Cardinal Court

Jim Gunshinan, What the Body Wants

Paula Hackett, Roulette

James Heller Levinson, Because You Wanted A Wedding Ring

Page Nelson-Saginor, Gallery Effects

Kristyan Panzica, A Heritage

Frank Sheehan, Wanderers

Juliette Terrell, A Multitude of Questions

Jeffrey Thomas, Words from the Heart


Gregory Jay Evans, Doors of Light

Gregory Jay Evans,
Mystical Journeys Through Space and Time

Donald Fitch, The Collected Poems

Lawrence Fixel, Lost Subjects Found Objects

John Gribble, Umbrella Bones

Page Nelson-Saginor, Apex


C. Douglas Ballon, Salt & Pepper

Ann Reaben Prospero, The Florida Suite

Jo-Anne H. Rosen, The Ten Mile Fish Story

Ruhama Veltfort, Miles on the Bridge

All books listed herein were produced by WordRunner Chapbooks in San Francisco or Petaluma, California. Unless otherwise indicated, the publisher is WordRunner Chapbooks. Any book with an ISBN in series 0-9674900 or 1-931002 is either published by or is an imprint of WordRunner Chapbooks.



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