Family History

In some cases, our ancestry has been traced back to the 17th century.
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Larry Wayne Rich


Robert Clifton Rich
Hilda Ernestine Bailey
Hattie Daw
Ernest Bailey
Brentice Senora Roberts
William Ambrose Rich



James A. Daw
Mary Elizabeth Russell
Hezekiah Bailey
Sarah Emaline Miller
Zachariah Wesley Roberts
Samantha Richards
John Marion Rich
Nancy Jane Benton


He disappeared by 1858. Amanda then married John Payne.


Amanda Hudgins

Amanda's parents were Ambrose and Ann Huggins




Andrew James Daw

Andrew James Daw's family goes back to Captain Nicholas Daw, 1650

Nancy Jane Cobb

Nancy's parents were James Madison and Ann Cobb



John B. Russel
John's parents were John and Olive Russelll

Elizabeth Page
Lottie's parents were Bennet Page and Gracy White.









Ava Helene Rosen


Tabitha Phillips

Hezekiah Phillips

His parents were William Linton and Nancy Owens. His family came from England before 1740.






Arnold Miller
Arnold's mother was Christina from SC



John's mother was Martha, 1796, Carolina

Andrew Jackson Richards

Stephen Richards Sarah Noll
Stephen's parents were George Richards 1727 and Tabitha Hudson 1745

Nancy Sapp

Morris Rosen
Mildred Phyllis Sandy


Leah Ulster
Jack Sandy
Libbye Sandler

Chaim and
Bajla Biderman

Chaim's father was Israel Wigdor Biderman.

Bajla's parents wereShaja and Chinda Erenfrid

Abraham Rosen


Abram Rozencwajg
Hana Wajcman

Abram's parents were Zysman Rozencwajg and Blima Szymoniak

Hana's parents were Josek Rubin and Frymeta Wajcman

Jennie Wartelsky

Phillip Sandler

Phillip died in Chicago. His father's name was Zev.

Celia Tzipka




Hattie Wartelsky
Louis Sandy
Lazar Wartelsky
Rasha Schnipitzsky
Lazar Wartelsky
Rasha Schnipitzsky
Joseph Sandler

James M. Bailey

Asa Bailey

Sirel Griman

Itzik's parents were Berk and Roza Mrowka

Sirel's parents were Herszlik and Laja Griman

Mojzesz Elster
Dobra Fiszel

Mojzesz's parents were Jakub Elster and Hana Slama

Dobra's parents were Icyk Fiszel and Frajdla Jakubowicz