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Eight Stories by Eight Authors

Betsy Graziani Fasbinder   Lum Franco  Linda Joy Myers  Christie Nelson  Amy Peele  Colleen Rae  Kathy Rueve  Barbara Hodder Toohey

Excerpts from Nearly Naked
ISBN 1-931002-36-3

“Unlikely Pairings”
by Betsy Graziani Fasbinder

I came alive in a new way when I met Jake. And Ryan would never have existed if not for our unlikely pairing. So Jake would be both our beginning, and nearly our end, Ryan's and mine.

I would end up risking everything to have his heart that I loved so deeply stop beating. I would spend months planning his smooth, silent death. It's hard to believe it would become necessary for Jake to die so that Ryan and I could have our lives. but that's what happened in the end.

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“Je Natura Cussì ~ Human Nature
by Lum Franco

They met whenever, wherever they could. Once, in the woods, under a
spreading pine with long, low branches, they lay on a bed of brown needles. With her blonde hair spread like a golden fan under Paolo's sun-dark body, Neta's light voice threaded among the whispers of the trees. 'Va planc, Paolo.' Her sweet 'Go slow, Paolo' swung on a soft breeze, tickling the ears of the boys spying on them.

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“Sixties Girls
by Linda Joy Myers

How she yearned for the old days in the sixties—groping in the hall at a loud rock party, the sweet smell of marijuana in the air or on her lips. A sexy encounter in the bathroom of said party could lead to a “come with me tonight” invitation, a whole night hot, sweaty passionate sex. Those were the days. She remembered the delicious way a man would leave a trail of kisses on her body as he made his way to tender places. The sounds of hard breathing, bouncing springs and the headboard batting against the wall. Good memories. Was it even possible again with a man near her own age? Was all that testosterone used up by the time a man was over sixty? Sometimes she just thought she should get herself a fancy vibrator at Good Vibrations and be done with it, but she didn’t even like vibrators. Nothing could replace the heft of a man’s body on hers, a hairy chest, and the sweet feeling of being desired.

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“The Sleeping Lady Dreams of Love
by Christie Nelson

Under construction.

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“Midnight Swim
by Amy Peele

After we had been in the water for a while, I saw Kerry twirling something around her head. As I swam towards her, she jumped up really high and I could see her bare chest exploding out of the water, both white breasts bouncing all over the place. I let out a scream and started laughing. Froggy clicked on the bright lights in front of his house and came rumbling out slurring, “Who the Hell is out there? I'll call the sheriff if you don't get your Goddamn asses out of here now!”

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“The Starter That Started It All
by Colleen Rae

She thought about Billy Jim. Ever since he had kissed her, she couldn't get that sweet-talkin', overconfident cowboy off her mind. Possibly because she was so damn horny, but also because there was something between them. A spark of communication on a deeper level than words? Yeah. Right. She laughed out loud. Sex had always been her way of communicating with men. She had told herself she was not falling for anyone until she got her heart back together from the last relationship.

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“Ted E. Falls in Love
by Kathy Rueve

The big bear eyed him up and down and Ted E. wondered if he was in one of those unseemly bars that were unimaginable to one who spent as much time as he did in bed with a little girl. No, that didn't sound right. How was he going to explain himself, especially with his shiny tight pants and the cape with its swath of shocking red flung over his shoulder?

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“The Face in the Mirror
by Barbara Hodder Toohey

     He had told the crying Beulah, “A girl don’t need no more educatin’ than high school and you don’t need money from no job. What do you need to be spendin’ money on? I take care of this family. Besides, you’re needed to home, girl.”
     “For how long?” Beulah asked.
     Her father was puzzled, “What do you mean how long? As long as it takes.”

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cover: Nearly Naked

Linda Joy Myers

Colleen Rae

Barbara Hodder Toohey

The cover for Nearly Naked is 80-pound white matte, color laser printed with illustration by Colleen Rae. Text pages are printed on 60-pound opaque white paper. (Click on cover icon to enlarge.)

56 pages