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Five Poems by Five Authors

Dee Doyle  •  judi goldberg  •  leslie hoffman
Ingrid Kincaid
  •  Dixie Lewis

from June Bugs Out of Season
PenHouseInk, Volume 2
ISBN 1-931002-26-6
PenHouseInk Press, 2003


  Cover; June Bugs Out of Season

Dee Doyle

Forever Dance

Water Skeeter

dashing daring

you smirk

at fish who cannot match your

splendid dance on leaf-shaded water

your moves show bravado old friend but

if you see only your reflection


while quiet fish meander below you

a hungry frog waits to strike

judi goldberg

Rose Petals & Fingerprints

he fingered my brain
and touched my soul leaving
memories scattered like
rose petals drifting
down river

& I

that first night
after surgery
because I heard hammering
the sounds
of paneling going up over skeleton walls
in the dark
my lame eye
encased in a misty shroud I followed
the clamor
the river was a foggy morning
the pounding phantom
the clatter

a shadow of

leslie hoffman
Bad Blood on the Rise

ominous signs

before the dust cloud settles
            in Berkeley
                        leftists protest, again

after the dust cloud settles
            at ground zero
                        rightists fight rightists, a first

zealotry begets



Solomon’s truth

the sacrificed woman savior
       not an inconsequential act

            all this and Pluto II

Ingrid Kincaid
Winter Bison

Wearing only a shaggy coat
He stands alone
Stark against the winter

Icicles hang from his beard
Breath clouds form then vanish
The icicles stay

Snow-laden trees bear witness
Head bowed
He is honoring the dead

Dixie Lewis

Stray notes from within

Shaping hollow talk to gods

Wind chimes in a storm


© PenHouseInk Press, 2003


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The cover for June Bugs Out of Season is 80-pound Mansion White (25% cotton, recycled). Text pages are printed on matching 60-pound Mansion White with a printed Tarragon flysheet.

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