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Four Poems by Four Authors

judi goldberg  •  leslie hoffman  •  Dixie Lewis  •  Lynn Millar

from Refractions
PenHouseInk, Volume 4
ISBN 1-931002-54-1
PenHouseInk Press, 2006

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  Refractions cover

judi goldberg

harvest drawing

on our graying porch I pace across the page, nearby
he rocks forward&back in his chair; hay is drying

in windrows in a field edged with Queen Anne’s Lace,
bales dot the bluff; ravens forage

dew settles, sated red winged blackbirds roost, coyotes
join badger for the hunt

in the twilight
a man and a woman sit side by side on a gray porch

(page 40)

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leslie hoffman

Casa La Paceña

house of the woman

Church bells chime seventh hour
First light shines on Benito Juarez
Columbian coffee on balcony
Yachts sail on Bahia de La Paz

Taxis park along the Malecon
Vendors gather in town square
Young man collects useable trash
Federales drive by in unmarked car

Ruperto arrives with machete to kill ratones
Scent of freshly squeezed orange juice
Fish frying in tempura batter
Miguel arrives to breakfast with Arlaine

gecko pauses on ceiling

(page 2)

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Dixie Lewis


the snow is a memory while passing thunderheads cast
shadows on eruptions of gray, and the browns and greens
that lay beneath

smells of cedar, dried sweat, and the spongy earth from the
meadow linger then drift past me to where Shooting Stars
and Lupine grow

I fracture the earth with my thick juicy stalk and fine
saw-tooth curled leaves pushing aside pine needles, bits of
bark and spruce cones
the color of blood mixed with sunset I pursue daylight
searching for the sun

brilliant, loved, deformed, hated
people build little rock fences around me
others kick me

distantly they walk past
the color of their blood

(page 50)

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Lynn Millar

My Path is Green

I tease thin, seeded grasses
with my hands outstretched;
runway dandelions guide me
to a yellow horizon.

The low walls of my green path
papered with blond grasses,
palest blue flax, and
fading yellow lotus
yield to the Siren plea
from the ocean.

At cliff top, my horizon is
another tone than in May
when bright lotus crept.
My exhale matches rhythm
with the ocean’s breath, until
fog reveals the waves.

The way now blue,
my inhale unassisted
rises in scattered whitecaps.
Then this sea in
graceful massive volume falls.

(page 5)

© PenHouseInk Press, 2006



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The cover for Refractions is 80-pound Mansion White (25% cotton, recycled). Text pages are printed on matching 60-pound Mansion White with a printed Tarragon flysheet. To see an enlargement of the cover, click on image above.

64 pages, including fly sheet


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