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Feast of the Mau Mau

by Barry Wynn

from Refractions, page 6
PenHouseInk, Volume 4
ISBN 1-931002-54-1
PenHouseInk Press, 2006

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Dixie Lewis and Lynn Millar.


Obviously Scrumptious was a kept woman. No dispute as to why either. From the top of her oh-so-coifed head to the tips of her meticulously painted toenails, the woman was fine. Doing his utmost to remain discreet, Kenny allowed his gaze to pause over every delicious curve. Meanwhile Scrumptious moved about the room with the practiced indifference of a woman certain that she could have any man present. To some she deigned a glance, others she ignored totally. They were mere trifles to her, these men of power, breeding and standing.

Kenny felt a sudden rush of satisfaction at this revelation. These high rolling, cream of the crop, kings of the black bourgeoisie; this “talented tenth” were as he was to her, nothing, mere amusements, diversions.


Refractions cover


judi goldberg:

leslie hoffman

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