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An Overview

NOTICE: Chapbook production is suspended.

WORDRUNNER CHAPBOOKS is a start-to-finish small press service — designing, printing and binding affordable, quality booklets of 16 to 64 pages, suitable for poetry, short stories or essays, recipe collections, family histories, memoirs, or children’s stories.

Chapbooks are slender booklets, half the size of a standard sheet of paper (or 8½ x 5½ inches); the covers are stapled twice at the spine.

The books are printed in editions of 100 copies maximum. However, authors may order reprints or alternately opt for a larger off-set printed edition.

Inside pages for these limited editions are original high resolution laser prints, typeset either from author’s manuscript or disk. (Note that authors who supply a file on disk or via e-mail qualify for the basic rate.)

For more information on printing and binding see chapbook specifications on the production details page.

Ideas for distributing books are found on the marketing tips page.

Perfect-binding should be considered for books 64 pages and above. Find out about perfect bounds here.


Want to Do It All Yourself?
Click here for a do-it-yourself guide to producing chapbooks. Some marketing tips are included.


What are Chapbooks?
According to the Oxford English Dictionary, chapbook is “a modern name applied by book collectors and others to ... the popular literature ... formerly circulated by itinerant dealers or chapmen, consisting chiefly of small pamphlets of popular tales, ballads, tracts, etc.” The word chapman has medieval roots and is related to the German word for merchant, Kaufmann.