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4 chapbook covers

Some notes about paper

Linen: For a deluxe look, your book can be printed on linen paper, either 60 pound or 70 pound, light cream or bright white. The 60-pound paper is watermarked. The 70 pound linen is not watermarked; however, any book over 28 pages would look too bulky at the spine printed on 70-pound paper.

Watermarks, a feature nowadays of quality writing paper, were commonly pressed into all book paper up until the mid-18th century. Only half the pages in a chapbook would bear watermarks, since they consist of 8½ x 11-inch sheets folded in two.

Surcharge for linen, per page:
  if 50 books— 50¢
  if 100 books— $1.00

For example, to print 50 copies of a 20-page chapbook on linen, add 50¢ x 20 = $10.00 to the basic cost; for 100 copies, add $1.00 x 20 = $20.00.

Translucent fly leaf: For a translucent paper over the inside title page, add $5.00 for 50 books, $10.00 for 100 books. The same rate applies for an opaque colored fly leaf.

Deluxe covers: Premium cover papers (or any special paper orders) are available for an additional $10, regardless of size or quantity of books. Cover samples currently in stock will be supplied once production is underway.

If you are curious about paper, you might visit a local paper supply retailer and ask to look at sample papers. Should you spot a paper you like, write down its name, the manufacturer and any other identifying information. Any paper currently on the market can be ordered.



About paper weights

Why is it that the basic “light-weight” chapbook cover is a 90-pound index paper, but the “heavier” cover papers weigh 80 pounds? They are different types or grades of paper. Paper is designated by its weight per ream 500 sheets of a specified size for a particular type of paper.

Regular cover paper is cut in sheets that are two-thirds the size of index paper, and so a ream of the larger sheets of index paper would weigh about the same as a 60-lb. cover paper. A 67-lb. vellum bristol paper is the lightest of all papers used for book covers, softer than index paper, equivalent to a 50-lb. cover.

Text paper:
The 60-pound book paper used in basic chapbooks is the same as 24-pound writing paper.