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4 chapbook covers

Perfect bound Books

The covers for perfect bound books are glued in place (rather than stapled). This would encompass the majority of books on the shelves of bookstores, aside from those that are hardbound.

Wordrunner designs and lays out camera-ready files for perfect bound books, but does not print or bind the books. They are digitally printed at Gorham Printing in the Seattle, WA area, with full-color covers, and shipped from there directly to the author via UPS. As few as 25 copies may be ordered from Gorham, but the price decreases as more copies are ordered. Should authors wish 500 or more books, Gorham offset prints them. (Books with smythe-sewn covers* will be printed elsewhere.)

The (Wordrunner) production process is similar to that for regular chapbooks, except that drafts are sent via email, unless a printout is requested. One preliminary color proof of cover will be printed and mailed, before sending the files to Gorham. After that, Gorham mails the author an unbound, trimmed proof of the book with color cover for review. This color proof is how the final cover will look. Changes may still be made at that point for a small surcharge. (There are almost always changes!)

The Wordrunner fee for design and layout of perfect bound books varies from book to book and is billed at $30 to $40 per hour ($30 is the "discount-to-the muse" and struggling writers' rate; $40 is the professional or business rate). Costs have varied between $180 and $800, depending on the complexity of the book.

There is also a fee of $30 for an ISBN (barcode included), if desired.

Gorham Printing rates are on their price charts for "ready-to-print" books. There you select size of book and estimated number of pages to determine prices for so many copies.

*Smythe-sewn covers are stitched as well as glued. This is an archival library binding, recommended where more than 1,000 books will be printed, as that is when the cost would be about the same as for books that are simply glued (perfect bound). A smythe-sewn binding is more durable and when the books are open, the pages lie flat.

Print on Demand (POD).This is another option for printing small numbers of books. See, for example, www.lulu.com or www.createspace.com, where it is possible to order only one copy for a relatively low price. The book must be camera-ready and the final “proof” is a finished book (which can then be revised, if need be). The wholesale cost of these books may be too high for retailing in bookstores; thus, POD books are often purchased at the POD site. If you really can't invest any time in marketing your book, this may be the way to go.

The most affordable POD option is createspace.com, which is an Amazon affiliate. This means books can be sold on the Amazon site without an additional fee. (Amazon takes a larger percentage, so royalties are less.) Books printed by createspace can have as few as 24 pages (no printing on spine).

For a more detailed overview of online POD companies, see this review.



In print

These perfect bound books were designed (and published, unless otherwise noted) by Wordrunner.

Update: Perfect bound books produced from August 2008 on, are listed on the Wordrunner Press site.

Christopher Baldwin
The Carnival and
A Visit to Flower City

Hathaway Barry

Giovanna Capone, editor
Words on Fire: An Anthology of Teen Poetry

Josephine Carpignane
Madelyn’s Story

Ellen Hart
Behind the Fog

Buzzy Martin
Don't Shoot I'm the Guitar Man
(from Buzzard Press, an offset printed edition of 2,000 books)

Hank Mattimore
Life’s a Growin’ Thing

Justine Michaels
The Cock Chronicles

Lloyd Miller
Biscayne National Park: It Almost Wasn’t
(from Lemdot Publishing, offset printed with covers smythe sewn and glued)

Martin Motes
Florida Orchid Growing
(from Redlands Press, offset printed with covers smythe sewn and glued)

Mary Motes
Orchid Territory
(from Redlands Press; an offset printed edition of 2500 books)

Evelyn Silva (memoir)

B. J. Stolbov
Walks: Best Poems

Fred Thaballa
So Far So Good

Elizabeth Weidenbach
Growing Up and Surviving Germany: 1933-1945

Also see these books published by Philos Press (and composed by Wordrunner):