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4 chapbook covers

Basic Rates

For Text Supplied on Disk

Providing the content of your book on a disk keeps your costs low. There is a surcharge if text must be keyed in (typed). For acceptable file formats, see FAQ.

Below are rates for books that are entirely laser printed with lightweight 90-lb. index covers. Updated September 21, 2012. Rates are higher due to rising paper and service costs. (Last rate increase was in September 2010.)

No. of Books

No. of Pages per Book
























*For each 4 additional pages, add $15 for 50 copies; $30 for 100 copies.

Shipping is $12 and up, depending on weight and location, generally via UPS land or U.S. postal service media rate, insured. The shipping is billed in final invoice and reflects exact costs. No handling charges are added.



OFFSET PRINTED COVERS: Add $90 to any order for 80 lb. covers. This is for black ink (any other color = $100; two colors = $150). Offset printed covers are sent from a high resolution imagesetter to film. Covers must be machine scored for precision folding.

Laser printed, four-color covers: High resolution, durable, on matte or glossy white stock: Add $1 for each cover, including proofs.

Spot color ink for offset printed cover: Add $50 per additional separate color for any quantity of books.

Artwork on laser printed, black ink cover or inside book: Photos or art (e.g., heavy woodcuts) that require large amounts of ink (toner) will incur a surcharge of $10 per item for 100 copies ($5 for 50 copies). No charge for printing simple line drawings or small clip art.

DELUXE TEXT PAPER: For linen book paper, transparent or solid fly leafs and special-order cover paper, please read Some Notes on Paper.

Keying in text = $30/hour.

Larger format: paper surcharge for 7 x 8½ inch format (90-lb. index covers only): for a 100-book edition, add $1 per every 4 pages (e.g., for 100 copies of a 32-page book, add $8); for 50 copies, divide in half (e.g., $4 extra for 50 copies of 32-page book).

ISBNs: International Standard Book Numbers are available for $25. One-time charge unless subsequent editions are revised. Then a new ISBN is required. If authors wish their own press name to appear on the book, it must be an imprint of WordRunner Chapbooks to qualify for this ISBN. More information on ISBN prefixes may be found in FAQs.

Bar codes. Included with ISBN, no extra charge.

Spiral binding: Generally, spiral binding will increase the cost per book by $1.50 to $2.00.

Perfect binding and larger editions: Please phone or e-mail for an estimate. WordRunner Chapbooks can also supply camera-ready copy if authors prefer to handle their own printing and binding. A good resource for self-publishing larger, perfect bound books is Gorham Printing (from 25 books up, digitally or offset printed). Also check out www.lulu.com and www.createspace.com for print on demand. All have online calculators for estimating the cost of printing and binding camera-ready books.

Second Printings: reprints = 65% of basic cost plus full cost of offset or color laser printed covers where applicable (no charge for offset-printed cover if first printing was 50 copies; 100 covers are routinely offset printed and 50 held in reserve). Prorated for partial reprints. Allow at least three weeks between print runs.

Custom design surcharge: In practice this has never happened; every book is custom designed — but just in case anyone should require inordinate revisions or redesigns for a second edition, this will be billed at $35/hour.



No payment is due until a draft is approved for printing, and then half the total amount is due; the remainder upon receipt of books. Payments can be made by money order, check or credit card via Pay Pal.