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4 chapbook covers

Production Details

The Basic Chapbook

NOTICE: Chapbook production is suspended.

Size/binding: 8½ x 5½ inches, saddle stitched with 2 staples. For other binding options see Beyond the Basics. It is also possible to have an 8½ x 7-inch chapbook at a slight increase in basic cost

Paper: (Samples sent with first draft of chapbook.)
Text = 60 lb. bright white, acid free smooth or vellum. Linen paper also available; see Some Notes on Paper.
Cover = Basic price includes 90-lb. index cover available in ivory, grey, buff, blue, green or white. The cover on the print-version catalogue is 90-lb. index. Covers for 8½ x 7-inch chapbooks must be white, 90-lb. index. (There is no pre-cut, legal sized 80-lb. cover paper on the market.) See Beyond the Basics for information on heavier, offset printed covers.

Printing: Black ink only for inside text. All inside pages are original 1200 dpi laser prints; basic covers are also laser originals (but 80-lb. covers are printed on an offset press). Covers are printed on one side only.

Design: Any of the sample cover and text designs are included in basic prices. Elements may be interchanged or customized at no additional cost. Also included are inside title, copyright or contents page design.

Graphics: Clip art is supplied, or if author provides artwork, it will be scanned and incorporated gratis. Some artwork incurs surcharges.

Production process: Submit your work by attaching a file or files to an email addressed to Or you may paste the text into the email. Click on Orders for more details.

Turn-around time: Please allow 14 to 21 days for finished books following approval of final draft. The initial design phase usually takes no more than a week and time for intermediate drafts depends on location and schedule of author. Drafts may also be sent via email as pdf files. See FAQ for discussion.

ISBN, bar codes, copyright: See FAQ for information.

FREE WEBPAGE.The final production phase occurs after books have been printed, assembled, bound and shipped. Any author published by Wordrunner Chapbooks may then elect to have his or her book listed in the Books in Print page on this website. The listing is linked to a page with an excerpt from the book and an illustration of the cover plus a physical description of the books, cost, ISBN, etc., along with contact information and links to the author’s website, if any.

Beyond the Basics

All 80-lb. vellum, linen, or fiber covers are offset printed for an additional fee; there is a large and interesting selection of 80-lb. cover paper available and almost anything on the market can be ordered. Please indicate if you are interested in an 80-lb. cover. You will be under no obligation, but will receive additional cover samples. These heavier covers are more durable than the basic index covers.

Laser printed, four-color covers are available on matte or glossy white stock. An example is Variations by Arlene Mandell.

The inside of the book can be printed on linen or special fiber papers for a very slight increase in price.

Artwork printed on a basic cover or inside pages may incur a surcharge if it is a woodblock or photo with large areas of black or grey.

Keying in text: The basic price list assumes that text will be supplied electronically. If it must be typed, there is a surcharge.

Other bindings:
Spiral bound books (e.g., cookbooks) can be arranged but this drives up the cost considerably. Perfect bound books should be considered for books with more than 60 pages. The book could be designed and prepared camera-ready by Wordrunner and printed via an online instant publisher with a 4-color cover (if desired). Please call or write for an estimate. See samples of perfect bound books (covers and excerpts) here.




Of Note:
This chapbook service is not a traditional press or copying facility. Only books that are designed and formatted here are printed here. Wordrunner Chapbooks does not print pre-formatted (camera-ready) books supplied on disk or hard copy.

The insides of all books are hand folded for quality control.

The maximum print run per edition is 100 books.

The maximum number of pages for a saddle-stapled chapbook is 76 to 80, depending on paper. The books could be larger, of course, but would look too bulgy along the spine. With a book this size it is time to think about other binding and printing options.


Want to Do It All Yourself?
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