Tales of Cardinal Court




Copyright © 2020 by Kevin Crocker
Wordrunner Press
ISBN: 978-1941066454
96 pages, perfect bound, 5.5 x 8.5 inches
$10.00, paperback; $2.99, kindle

Cardinal Court is work of comic fiction that examines the social customs of a particular time and place – Marin County California, the early 1960s.

In sleepy Marin County, a new development on the outskirts of town is born and a plush golf course comes to life. Brown mega-mansions pop up randomly around its green edge and two “experimental homes” appear in the hills above.

An equally experimental string of 1440 square feet, two-story townhouses form a lazy semicircle around the 11th hole. They are condominium units – a first anywhere outside of Hawaii – and soon are filled with a restless mix of middle-class suburban pioneers.
JFK is alive and the Cold War is raging. The Seattle Space Needle shines brightly. Three inmates escape from Alcatraz and “Campbell Soup Cans” make Andy Warhol famous.

The women of the book live in a world of koffee klatches and domestic conspiracies. The future is bearing down on the residents of Cardinal Court, and only some of them know it.
It’s 1962 – anything can happen.

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