Children’s Fiction

Zooming With Gaga



Author: Sarah Fleming (with Donovan Riley)

Wordrunner Press, 2024
ISBN: 978-1941066652
270 pages, perfect bound, 7 x 10 inches

During the Covid pandemic, when the author could only meet with her far-away family via Zoom, she remarked to her grandson Donovan that she wished she could fly right through the phone and come visit him in Tucson. He giggled at the prospect, and thus inspired these stories, written at home on lockdown. Over the next year she read them aloud to Donovan, calling from California to Arizona, often rewarded with more of his giggles. He frequently made suggestions for the next stories and helped name characters. So, he truly is a co-author. The zooming children in these tales shrink to an inch and not only visit their grandmother, but also magical animals and insects, fairytale creatures and distant locations, and they even time travel.

Illustrations by Maeve Riley
Reading age: 3 to 18

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