The Tubbs Fire




Copyright © 2019 by Robert K. Koslowsky
ISBN: 978-1073385836
372 pages, perfect bound, 6.0 x 9.0 inches
$14.95, paperback

In The Tubbs Fire – A Story of Survival and Recovery, a survivor recounts his family’s harrowing escape from California’s most destructive wildfire through late 2018. The reader will be transported to October 9, 2017 during this family’s fateful early morning flight, as they navigate treacherous streets to safety. 
Rob Koslowsky captures his family’s heart-stopping escape and their traumatic experiences on the road to recovery. Obstacles littered their path to personal redemption. Insurance company barriers, government coercion and over-eager debris removal contractors, obstructionist political leaders, and excessive rebuilding regulations played a major role in their heart-wrenching decision to abandon their beloved Santa Rosa homestead.
A tale of desperation and perseverance, The Tubbs Fire – A Story of Survival and Recovery, illuminates the setbacks and day-to-day triumphs on the Koslowsky family’s journey to recovery.

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