Children's Fiction

The Determined Sofa



Design by Wordrunner Press, 2018
ISBN: 978-1725628038
102 pages, perfect bound, 5 x 8 inches

The Determined Sofa is the third in a series of novellas for the young reader, about Ellie and her adventures with her Aunt Sophy. The first novella is The Cantankerous Bed and the second, The Expectant Chair, both of which won a Purple Dragonfly Book Award sponsored by Story Monsters LLC. In The Determined Sofa, Ellie and her Aunt Sophy have been invited to perform in the variety show put on by an annual British Music Hall festival in London. During their week-long trip Ellie encounters several unusual residents at the Bed and Breakfast where they’re staying and plunges into solving a mystery with her aunt, while rehearsing for her first performance on stage.

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