Looking Back on a Life in the Left, by Eva Maas



Wordrunner Press, 2011
ISBN: 978-1456562816
164 pages, perfect bound, 6 x 9 inches
Memorial Edition (reprint of 1998 edition)

Almost killed as an infant in a horrific pogrom in post-revolutionary Russia, Eva Maas arrived in America as a poor and battered immigrant. The experience gave her a life-long sympathy for the underdog and an unwavering commitment to social justice. From the Great Depression to the New Deal and through the McCarthy witch-hunts, she campaigned for unions, civil rights and gender equality. Becoming a social worker in the 60's, she specialized in helping troubled families and children. Although she tacked well to the left of the mainstream, she was truly a part of America's Greatest Generation. In this inspiring memoir, she looks back over eight decades of an unselfish and eventful life, during which she rose from poverty to membership in the middle class without straying from her guiding principles.

Cover art by Mark Lapin

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