An Insider's Guide -  Orchid Territory: A Comic Novel (2nd Edition) Mary Motes - Love and Intrigue Among the Flowers




Redland Press, 2009
Second Edition
ISBN: 978-0-9674343-4-6
324 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 inches

“In the curious, semi-closed world of South Florida's orchid growers, passions run high, politics are to the death and nothing is more important that the prizes at the Miami Orchid Expo. With her perceptive eye and vivid pen, the English author creates a charming story full of humor and wicked comedy. In among the orchids and the long knives of a decades-long feud are the glorious anthropological insights into social interactions among the characters of the author's world. There is also romance to keep us in suspense till the last page.”
            — The Orchid Review

Mary Motes and her husband Dr. Martin Motes raise orchids in Redland, Florida.

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