The Year of the Tiger and Other Stories, H. B. Reid



ISBN: 9781469950464
276 pages, perfect bound, 6 x 9 inches, 2012

“These are big little novels with big heroes making decisions of big consequence. Take McRae, an international criminal with an international romance, hunted equally by law enforcement and international semi-organized thugs. Take Joe ($13 Heist), too young to be a ne'er-do-well, but a not-yet-do-well who does quite well, better than he might have imagined in the romance department. By virtue of his elite education, and in spite of it, he hobnobs significantly in the hoosegow and with the highest of American high culture. Take Emily and Pole Cat and William Randolph Hearst. They and other leading actors (The Year of the Tiger) are making headline news in every way imaginable. They're making history. And speaking now for Pole Cat and Emily, they're describing a way forward for America if we can be similarly dignified, compassionate and curious.”
     — Dan Coshnear, Jobs and Other Preoccupations

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