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Ranching Is Hard Poetry




Copyright © 2019 by Sarah T. Fleming
ISBN: 978-1077729254
94 pages, perfect bound, 5.5 x 8.5 inches
$9.00, paperback

A selection of poetry, short stories and journal entries. The natural world played a powerful part in the life and writing of Tomales writer Don Riley. As a child, he lived in rural western New York, on Lake Erie. He roamed the countryside with brothers and friends, sampling the sun-warmed grapes and tomatoes growing in the fields, swimming in creeks, and bringing home the occasional creature.

In the 1970s, Don and his family moved to Northern California, to the town of Tomales, pop. 500, where he was again surrounded by natural beauty. His writings describe his love of the place. He made friends in the ranching community, among the dairy, cattle and sheep ranchers. The title poem “Ranching is Hard Poetry” is written for them and about them.

Don focused on short stories and poetry, with his best pieces posted on his website (oreillydon.wordpress.com). Those pieces are all included in this volume. Don passed away in 2014 at his home in Petaluma.

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