Poetry and Art

Dream Garden




Novel/Weaver Press, 2023
ISBN: 978-09742339-5-6
74 pages, perfect bound, 5.5 x 8.5 inches
$15.95, paperback

As in Ayin Weaver’s novels (Bleed Through and Souls of Viridian), the poems weave a story of a life of passion—for the earth, the children, and the talented and diverse women close to her heart. The poetry style is as diverse as her subjects. Yet, one comes away from reading Dream Garden feeling they are all love poems—dreamy, earth-centered and hopeful. What also makes this book special is the full-color paintings, done by her alter ego, Nina Ayin Reimer (original illustrator of the book Our Bodies, Ourselves, circa 1971) and author of Artist As Healer, Stories of Transformation and Healing. The colorful art throughout the book beautifully reflects an element of each poem and the heartfelt themes of Dream Garden.

Cover art: Lucy’s Garden,
by Nina Reimer, www.artflare.net
Interior art: by Nina Reimer

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