Hourly Rates/Sliding Scale

Website design and desktop publishing services
Business/corporate rate


Not for profit and nonprofits

$35 to $45/hour

Less for low-income and senior clients (please inquire)
Hungry writers and artists, ask for discount to the Muse.


Copy editing, proofing


What might a website cost to build?
$200 and up for a simple html website (no rollovers or custom graphics), with 5 to 10 pages (an example is HealthHelp).

$400 and up for websites with custom titles, rollover buttons, drop down menus, email returned fill-in forms. The more pages or more complex the navigation system, the more it will cost. Examples are: Logos Editing ($750), Susan Goodby: Paintings ($1,000)

$750 and up for Flash websites. Louise Franco Watercolors, with 80 plus pages built entirely in Flash and including a custom animated cartoon artist, is priced at $2,000.

Custom animation such as the cartoon of Wordrunner that opens this site (if viewer has the Flash Player installed) can be created from video clips supplied by client. Call for an estimate.

Search engine optimization and registration during the first month on-line are included in any estimate. More details.

What do domains and website hosting cost?
Domain name registration costs from $8 to $20 a year. This is a renewable license for exclusive use of that name. Domain host servers charge monthly or annual fees, from $60 a year and up, depending on features, and may include a set-up fee. Wordrunner handles all technical details of positioning the domain and uploading files, but clients must contract and pay for these services separately.

Recommended for affordable domain registration: www.mydomain.com

There are many affordable and reliable domain hosts. Google “website hosting review” (for example: www.ratemyhost.com) and compare prices and features. Wordrunner can recommend a few, with this caveat — increasingly huge volumes of spam can wreck havoc with host email servers (i.e., the computers that process email where your website is hosted), no matter how reliable their other features. This is only of concern if you plan to have email forwarded from a website address (e.g., yourname@widget.com) to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) email address, especially if it's you@comcast.net. Comcast routinely blocks all email from host servers that have (usually inadvertently) sent out spam mail. There may be a hundred thousand users of that server and one bad apple, but everyone's email service is disrupted for days on end.

One solution to this impasse is is to post your ISP email as a contact on your website, rather than yourname@widget.com. Another is to bypass your ISP entirely and download mail directly from the server of your website host. The ISP is really only needed to get your computer connected to the Internet.

Alternately, your website can be hosted by Wordrunner at no cost, but without a domain name. Its address would be www.wordrunner.com/yourstuff. In this event, you'd post your ISP email.


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