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Documentary Interviews on Nazism:
Its Origins, its Events, its Consequences

  • Documentary interviews on the Nazi War: The book presents the voices of Americans, Austrians, British, Canadians, Germans, Jews, Poles, and other nationals — those who were personally involved in the events of World War II in Europe, scholars who studied its history, and those who are struggling with that past. There are a total of 80 interviewees, accompanied by their photographs.

  • About questions of human conflict: Covering the diverse events of the war and presenting a broad spectrum of nationalities, the author provocatively questions human conflicts surrounding ethnic, racial, religious, and social/political issues.

  • The Berlin Wall has been a symbol of both war and peace in the twentieth century. This book examines the causes and consequences of the last greatest world war and its profound emotional, psychological, social and political impacts on us today. Even after the fall of Russian Communism and the end of the Cold War, the complexities of these human struggles are still with us. The book explores its further effect on new generations in the 21st century.

  • The uniqueness of this book: All viewpoints — the words of perpetrators and victims — are evenly conveyed. The reader will discover why Nazism has not become history yet.

Major interviewees:
Willy Brandt, Lord Alan Bullock, Walter Laqueur, Rabbi Irving Greenberg, Heinz Galinski, Louis L. Snyder, Lord Shawcross, Yaffa Elaich, Ernst Zündel, Heiner Müller, William L. Shirer, Anna Elisabeth Rosmus, Fraya von Moltke, B. Ewald Althans, Yukiko Sugihara, Burkhard Schröder, William Heller, Yanina Cywinska, Walter Momper.