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How to Order

The Price of the Book
Countries Price Shipping (seamail*)
U.S.A.: US dollars 65.00 5.00
Australia: Aus. dollars 100.00 11.00
Britain: UK pounds 38.00 4.00
Canada: Canadian dollars 94.00 10.00
Germany: German marks 115.00 12.00
New Zealand: N.Z. dollars 120.00 13.00
Japan: yen 9,000.00 1,000.00

*For airmail, add additional $20 in US dollars.

Where to Order:

Marie Ueda Productions
P.O. Box 642219
San Francisco, CA 94164-2219, USA

Credit card accepted
(415) 474-3854; or fax (415) 474-1264.

Methods of Payment
For individuals:
1. Inside the USA — personal check, money order, or major credit cards.
2. Outside the USA — major credit cards, money order, or will accept cash payment with registered mail.
For institutions:
1. Inside the USA — Send book purchase order. Payment should be made within 30 days after receiving the book and invoice.
2. Outside the USA — Pre-payment. Send book purchase order with money order.