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  • Bill Bradley, United States Senator, Democrat, New Jersey
  • Testimony of the Twentieth Century provides a fascinating look at the major transformations that have shaped Germany through the eyes of those who have experienced these firsthand. With her text and photos, Marie Ueda has put forth a thoughtful analysis of Germany; its people, its culture, and the decisions that have led a nation through this tumultuous century.

  • Martin Walker, Washington, D.C., foreign correspondent for The Guardian, London.

    Marie Ueda has produced a haunting elegy of a dramatic era; an extraordinary compilation of image and interview that is as informative as it is touching.

  • Los Angeles Jewish Times

    Carrying a journalist's badge of objectivity, Marie Ueda just completed a seven-year mission to chronicle the horrors of the Holocaust and World War II in Europe. Supported by photographs, the text of these probing interviews documents a war that, in the perspective of modern man and modern history, is not over ... Testimony of the Twentieth Century was a sojourn for Ueda, who tried to bridge the chasm of the war and extermination that 50 years ago threatened to shatter mankind.

  • Louis L. Snyder, Emeritus Professor of History of the City University of New York

    Marie Ueda, an investigative photojournalist, toured the world in her work and demonstrated a rare capacity. In her book, Testimony of the Twentieth Century, she reveals a remarkable work dealing with such controversial subjects as Hitler, the Third Reich, National Socialism and the Holocaust. She has an extraordinary mind for understanding the similarities and differences in the disciplines of history and journalism, and she knows how to use it. Her work is well beyond the ordinary, and as a superb craftswoman I believe that Ms. Ueda is a national asset.